Valleywag: Mark Zuckerberg cashes out… not

[…] Zuckerberg’s most important backer, Peter Thiel, does not work on Sand Hill Road. From his offices in San Francisco’s Presidio, he’s set about changing the rules of how startups get funding and how founders make their fortunes. Through his Founders Fund, he has begun issuing “Series FF” shares to the entrepreneurs he backs, giving them the right to sell shares alongside their companies to new investors. Thiel, who felt unjustly treated as the cofounder of PayPal, wants to let his protégés build companies without worrying about how to make rent. Old lions like angel investor Ron Conway will probably view this development with outrage.

Scoop: Mark Zuckerberg cashes out?

Or, as Mashable puts it: nice pocket change for Zuckerberg.

Except it didn’t happen: Valleywag retracted the story.

So much drama for a Saturday.


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