“That is just what life is when it is beautiful and happy – a game! Naturally, one can also do all kinds of other things with it, make a duty, or a battleground, or a prison of it, but that does not make it any prettier.” Hermann Hesse, Journey to the East

Jean Sini, a Silicon Valley resident since 1996, is currently the founder and Chief Technology Officer of deep-web mining startup Untangly, the data aggregation division of personal finance management service Mint.com, sold in November 2009 to Intuit for $170m.

Prior to Untangly, Jean headed Buzzlogic’s technical vision and architecture, and as Chief Technology Officer was in charge of scaling the company’s platform, as well as running the engineering team. He joined Buzzlogic, a social media influence tracking platform and ad network, in early 2008, as part of its acquisition of Activeweave, a San Francisco startup he co-founded in 2005.

As Activeweave co-founder, Jean co-led its fund-raising, co-created its patents, and as Chief Technology Officer drove its overall vision and strategy. He was directly in charge of the architecture, design and implementation of its contextual, personalized relevance engine. He built, scaled, ran the company and its infrastructure from inception to over 10 million daily hits. Activeweave helps create a truly participatory web, enabling individuals to share perspective and commentary among their social groups. Through its popular, Mozilla-recommended Firefox add-on BlogRovR, it has garnered over 1 million downloads and 300,000 registered users.

Jean also held Director and Senior Director of Software Engineering positions at Oracle and Symbol Technologies (acquired by Motorola in 2007).

He holds Masters Degrees in Computer Science from Telecom Paris and the Computer Science Laboratories at the Paris University.

Jean’s expertise and interests are primarily focused on the design and development of innovative distributed computing infrastructures and products. He has honed his leadership and software engineering skills over the last 15 years, building large-scale multi-tiered platforms and managing international engineering teams.

Kiteboarding Cabarete

When he’s not busy with work, Jean can be found kite-boarding or snow-boarding, depending on the season.

Jean Sini‘s résumé is at jean.sini.net.

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