Techcrunch, Rafe Needleman reviews Stickis!

I can’t believe a year has passed since Mike Arrington last covered Stickis. We haven’t exactly been idling, but neither have Mike and his growing team. Nick Gonzalez has since joined the Techcrunch clan, and does a great job explaining what we’ve been working on since early this year: an overlay metaphor for the web, that lets you elect a set of trusted sources, from friends to blogs to services (that last bit is still at the experimental level), and bring this community along with you as you browse. Rafe Needleman, over at webware, goes in-depth as well. Point taken, Rafe, we still have room to grow in the “make it simple” department. We’re excited to be opening up stickis to a broader user base with the launch of the beta, and start collecting as much feedback as possible. Some of that’s already coming in: the MDX Lab seems to like our approach, including the whole “antisocial tag” bit, and Red Dixon groks the value this brings to publishers, who show up on their subscribers’ browsers whenever contextually relevant. Meanwhile, Liz at Gigaom, while she also gets the antisocial tags, isn’t as convinced (just yet): Liz, feel free to ping me any time and I’ll give you a tour, now that we have a Mac friendly Firefox version running.

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